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After all, the pandemic has upended risk profiles for most companies, making it prudent to reevaluate the risk and any potential significant negative impact of doing business with third parties. Further, the act of requesting an audit of third parties itself—provided the requests are well-documented and objectively thought out—serve as further proof of the procuring organization’s ongoing commitment to compliance. If third-party misconduct does come to light, whether through the audit request or another means, regulators are likely to view proactive oversight by the procuring organization positively and may reward these efforts with leniency. Still, most organizations do not have the appetite or resources to review audit results from every third party under contract, nor should they. To determine whether now is the time to exercise the right to audit a particular third party begins with an assessment of risks, including legal, reputational, and operational risk, as well as the risk of lost revenue and payment waste and abuse. Assessing Your Organization’s Third-Party Risks The pandemic has created an environment of increased pressure on business of all types—suppliers and purchasers alike—to perform under challenging circumstances. This in turn increases the likelihood of inappropriate, and often illegal, behavior by third parties to meet contract standards. Business leaders should inventory all third-party types to identify whether the risk of doing business with each category of vendor has changed in go here the wake of the pandemic. Consider the company’s risk appetite, latest enterprise-wide risk assessment and overall risk strategy to determine whether the heightened likelihood of a negative impact to the company exists. Stakeholders should be surveyed to identify issues experienced related to third-party non-performance, financial discrepancies, misrepresentation, or other non-compliance by the provider. Identified changes in behavior by third-party vendors may indicate increased risks in the relationship and a need to exercise audit rights. Further, Internal Audit and second-line risk functions should reevaluate their testing plans to assess their coverage of key third-party pandemic risk elements. Conducting a comprehensive risk-rating process is an effective means to identify potentially “auditable” third parties against established criteria. First, risk ratings are developed based upon the procuring organization’s risk appetite, as well as an understanding of the key risks of the third party. This approach provides an objective basis for identifying actual risk arising from the pandemic and can aid in comparing risk levels between third parties related to specific risk areas such as financial health, compliance controls, impact on data sensitivity, resiliency, and likelihood of fraud and/or corruption. The following questions are key points to consider when conducting a risk-rating process: What are the key components of a high-risk profile for a third-party vendor (differences can occur based on type of relationship and industry) and what changed resulting from the pandemic? Are there known cases, trends, or allegations (public or otherwise) of improper behavior by the third party itself, or in their industry or jurisdiction? What are the pressures that a third party (by type) now faces in the pandemic? Can data analytics be leveraged to provide efficient and effective coverage of the key pandemic risk indicators and red flags to identify exceptions, trends, and areas for further investigation? Once all third-party vendors have an objective risk score, they can be ranked according to those ratings to determine where to best focus “right to audit” requests. Higher-risk vendors that are good candidates for audit should also be evaluated against the following criteria before ultimately making the decision to audit (or not).


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You can use the IRS "Where's My Refund" tool to check the status of your tax refund. Enter your Social Security number or ITIN, your filing status and your refund amount. There is also a mobile app, called IRS2Go, that you can use to check your refund status. COVID job losses have hit women of color the hardest. But USA Today's Charisse Jones says there's hope of recovery. USA TODAY When will tax refunds start for the $10,200 unemployment tax break? The IRS will begin refunding money to people in May who already filed their returns without claiming the new tax break on unemployment benefits, the agency said. The federal tax break went into effect following the recent changes made by the American Rescue Plan.  The legislation allows taxpayers who earned less than $150,000 in adjusted gross income to exclude unemployment compensation up to $20,400 if married filing jointly or $10,200 for all other eligible taxpayers. The legislation excludes only 2020 unemployment benefits from taxes. For those taxpayers who already have filed and figured their tax based on the full amount of unemployment insurance, the IRS will determine the correct taxable amount of unemployment compensation and tax, according to the agency. Any resulting overpayment of tax will be either refunded or applied to other outstanding taxes owed, the IRS added. For those who have already filed, the IRS will do these recalculations in two phases, starting with those taxpayers eligible for the up to $10,200 exclusion. The IRS will then adjust returns for those married filing jointly taxpayers who are eligible for the up to $20,400 exclusion and others with more complex returns. The IRS worked with the tax preparation software industry (including TurboTax and H&R Block) to reflect these updates so that those who file electronically need to respond to the related questions when preparing their returns, the agency said.  The IRS has stressed that taxpayers shouldn’t file an amended return unless the calculations make the taxpayer newly eligible for additional federal credits and deductions not already included on the original tax return. “If you filed your return and you actually paid tax on the full amount, don’t amend your return,” says Pyron. “The IRS said they’re going to give that refund back to you.” What about state taxes for jobless benefits? More than half of states levy an income tax on jobless benefits. States will have to decide if they will also offer the tax break on state income taxes. It’s possible that some may still opt to tax the jobless aid, experts say.  Some already exempt taxes on unemployment, including California, New Jersey, Virginia, Montana and Pennsylvania. And some don’t levy state income taxes at all, including Texas, Florida, Alaska, Nevada, Washington, Wyoming and South Dakota. Yes, the American Rescue Plan includes a temporary increase for the child tax credit for 2021. The credit is worth $2,000 per child under 17 that can be claimed as a dependent.